World Photography Day 2022. Why photography is the most important (non-human) thing in my life.

You would expect me, as a photographer, to proclaim my art as the most important thing in my life (family and friends aside, naturally). But I’d like to try to explain, on World Photography Day, why it should be important to you too.

This is me and my dad in Trafalgar Square when I was two years old. I don’t have many photographs of my dad, and even fewer of the two of us together. He was always the one taking photographs when I was growing up. Sadly, he died when I was 19, before my own interest in photography developed (if you’ll excuse the ill-timed pun).

It is one of my great regrets that I don’t have more photographs of him, making the ones I do have even more special. I have my memories, but memories fade as we get older, whereas a photograph is a permanent memento of a fleeting moment of time.

I can remember sobbing uncontrollably a few days after he died, trying to find the negative of my favourite photograph of the two of us, taken when I was 15. That may have been the moment I truly understood the value and meaning of photography.

This is why, at the risk of sounding preachy, I have never understood people who spend a fortune on weddings, parties and celebrations, then either forget about photography or scrimp on it. When the day is over all you have to remind you is memories…and photographs. 

It’s the same with children. They grow up so fast that childhood is gone in the blink of an eye and it’s easy to forget what they were like when they were little.  My two have grown up used to having a camera pointed in their face at any given moment. I have absolutely no idea how many hundreds of photographs I have taken of them over the years. They’ll have plenty to show their own children and grandchildren. And I hope they will never have to regret the lack of photographs of me when I’m gone. 

I absolutely hate having my photograph taken, having massive image and body confidence issues as many women do, but I force myself to be in photographs with my children whenever the opportunity arises.  This is us a couple of weeks go on our family holiday. 

It’s not just about people either. Our house is full of photographs of places we’ve visited, reminders of happy travels. We look at them every day and smile.

Which brings me to the most precious and important photographs we own – our rogues gallery as we call it. These four studio portraits, each A3 in size, have pride of place on  the wall at home where, every day, we look at them and marvel at our handsome, talented and quirky little blended family. 

You might think they’d be the first thing I’d rescue if there was a fire, but you’d be wrong. They’re far too precious to risk losing. The digital files are backed up on hard drives and in the cloud. Every photograph I take, for myself or for clients, is backed up and stored safely in the cloud.

Never again do I want to experience that feeling in the pit of my stomach when a precious negative can’t be found. No, if there was a fire, the first thing I’d grab is my camera. Obviously. 🙂

Happy World Photography Day

Dogs (not) at Polling Stations

It’s fun seeing all the dogs all over social media today. I don’t have a #dogsatpollingstations photo to show you, so instead we’ll have a #ThrowbackThursday and I’ll show you the dog who first made me think I ought to expand into pet portraits.
Fine art posrtrait of a puppy in a wicker basket by Lisa Marie Gee of Quirky Photography

This is Indy, I guess she’ll not be voting for any of the political parties today (sorry). She won’t fit into my basket these days. If you have a dog that will, or a dog that won’t, I have some limited availability remaining in May for dog portrait sittings from just £99 including a framed print.

The Great Quirky Euros 2021 Sweepstake

Win photoshoot prize packages worth almost £500 - and you don't need to watch a single minute of football!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not entirely excited about a month of international football taking over the telly box. So let’s liven things up a bit. I am offering places in the Quirky Sweepstakes. Just enter via the Quirky Photography Facebook Page. 

I will hold a draw to allocate the 24 Euros teams fairly, then sit back and watch your team’s progress through the tournament.  First prize is a photoshoot for your child or children, plus a framed 16x12in print of your favourite image, five mounted gift prints and matching set of five digital image files. 

The teams finishing second and third will each get a photoshoot and set of five digital images. Spaces in the competition will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Sessions should be booked within one month of the event finishing and will be open to one child or a sibling group, subject to current coronavirus guidelines. Winners may choose any theme – football or otherwise – or a classic studio photoshoot.

I am a small business struggling to get back to normal after almost a year of being closed, so any help in promoting this competition and my services is very much appreciated.  Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK!