Photo Restoration

Photographs are precious memories of moments in time. Photos can live on, long after the people in them are gone. In more recent times our images tend to be stored digitally, where their quality will npt degrade (although please please back them up!), but in years gone by we had to rely on prints and negatives, which all too easily become damaged. 

Increasingly I am being brought treasured family photographs that have been worn or damaged and asked if there is anything I can do to restore them. The answer, in most cases, is yes.

A scratched and creased black and white wartime photograph needing restoration of a woman in uniform

This treasured photograph was brought to me by a lady who wanted to see of there was anything I could do to improve it, as it was the only photograph she had of her great-nan. I was able to repair the damage, improve the quality and size of the photograph and colour it, which really brought it to life. Isn't she beautiful?

Restored and oloured photograph of a wartime lady in uniform.

Another client contacted me to say there had been some very special people missing at her wedding and she wondered if I could please add them to one of her wedding photographs. By working on the individual images to sharpen and improvw the quality, then converting them to black and white I was able to incorporate them into the wedding picture by adding a brand new background. 

This is my Great Uncle Teddy. He died a hero in World War II at Arnhem. My dad, born just after the war, was named after him. I’ve looked at this photograph all of my life, and it is still in excellent condition. But I wondered what it would look like if I coloured it. A relatively simple job, bit it took my breath away. It really brought him to life and made me realise, more than ever, how much my dad (who died when I was a teenager) looked like him.

Quirky Photo Restorations

Whether you want colour adding to a black and white photograph, damage repairing or even someone added to (or removed from) a precious photograph then I can probably help. Prices start from just £20 for a simple job to arround £50 for a full restoration and a framed desktop print of the finished image. I can work from a print, a high resolution scan or a good quality photograph of a print. Fill in the enquiry form below for a tailored quote.