The Great Quirky Euros 2021 Sweepstake

Win photoshoot prize packages worth almost £500 - and you don't need to watch a single minute of football!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not entirely excited about a month of international football taking over the telly box. So let’s liven things up a bit. I am offering places in the Quirky Sweepstakes. Just enter via the Quirky Photography Facebook Page. 

I will hold a draw to allocate the 24 Euros teams fairly, then sit back and watch your team’s progress through the tournament.  First prize is a photoshoot for your child or children, plus a framed 16x12in print of your favourite image, five mounted gift prints and matching set of five digital image files. 

The teams finishing second and third will each get a photoshoot and set of five digital images. Spaces in the competition will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Sessions should be booked within one month of the event finishing and will be open to one child or a sibling group, subject to current coronavirus guidelines. Winners may choose any theme – football or otherwise – or a classic studio photoshoot.

I am a small business struggling to get back to normal after almost a year of being closed, so any help in promoting this competition and my services is very much appreciated.  Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK!

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