WC Fields famously said: “Never work with children or animals.”

I say bring it on!! Welcome to Quirky Photography – the home of interesting and affordable portrait photography for your two-legged and four-legged youngsters.

Quirky Kisa. Child portraits by Quirky Photography
Quirky Kids
Quirky Pets. Pet portraits by Quirky Photography
Quirky Pets

Nothing brightens up a wall or a sideboard better than  colourful, bright and fun photographs of children and animals. 

Quirky Photography has been borne out of a desire to make portrait photography cheerful, affordable and easy to access, coupled with a need to find new ways to work in order to maintain a viable business in the ever-changing post-covid landscape.

So how does Quirky photography work?

The first question you have to answer is two legs or four? That is to say, are you wanting child or pet photography? Examples of both can be seen on the portfolio pages of this website. Can you have both? Yes, of course you can.  Then you need to decide what style of portrait or fantasy image you would like.  Contemporary or traditional? High key and bright or low key and dramatic? Colour or monochrome? Would you like a painterly style image, a cartoon style, or even a full-on fantasy composite? Perhaps your child has a yearning to be a fairy, a mermaid, a footballer, a pirate, or even chased by a dinosaur. The possibilities are endless! 

But don’t worry, part of my job is to talk you through your options and together we can plan your photoshoot. A lot of my work is done before I even pick up a camera. I start by having a conversation with you – on the phone or over a brew, whichever you prefer – so that I understand exactly what
you want.  For example, what do you want the portrait for? Is it going to hang on a wall or stand on a table, or perhaps you’re thinking about an album or something for your website. Then I’ll ask you the style you’re looking for – formal, informal, fun? Understanding all of this makes a big difference to how I shoot the portrait, and is something you just don’t get with all photographers.

Before the shoot, I’ll send you a guide to help you get the best out of the occasion, covering my most frequently asked questions such as what to wear and what to avoid.

Fantasy football digfital photo art by Quirky Photography

How much?

I want to be as affordable and as transparent as possible in these uncertain times, so all my styles of photoshoot start from a very affordable £99. This includes a consultation, photoshoot in the studio, your home or on location. Details of all my packages are available on the Quirky Kids and Quirky Pets pages.  Various options to upgrade are available, but you’ll never be given a hard-sell. I hope my work speaks for itself.

And in order to be as accessible and affordable as possible, all packages can be paid for in three instalments. Just pay one third as a booking and shoot fee to secure your session. Then pay another instalment after your session and once you’ve seen your photographs. The final instalment can be deferred and paid when you receive your finished artworks.